Bishop Wayne T. Jackson & Miracles Do Happen… Live on The Impact Network!!

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson Taping Segment

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson
Taping Segment

Grace & Peace everyone, I enjoyed another powerful day at the Impact Network! I appreciate how our Bishop does not allow weather, or anything else to deter him from coming out to do God’s work.

I mean if you do not live in Detroit you should definitely Google our weather today! Due to inclement weather conditions many Schools were closed but our Bishop does not hesitate on God’s timing. I am honored that he is instilling that same ethic in myself, I do not procrastinate when it’s time to go to work, because I see his tenacity in making sure God’s children are blessed spiritually, & naturally. We have so many calls on a daily basis God has truly rained down favor on the Impact Network & I want to encourage you to continue to support this Vision.

We are Live with Miracles Do Happen every Tuesday-Thursday starting at 10:00 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. For an entire hour and a half this Man of God takes calls speaking healing, deliverance, and the Prophetic into millions of homes! How great is our God? What kind of man would selflessly come out and give of himself without pause? Bishop Wayne T. Jackson 🙂 . He is definitely a man of wisdom, and has a humble spirit with a heart designed after God’s. Bishop Jackson is also a Man who along with his beautiful wife Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson have built his life completely around Faith. If you are in his presence you cannot help but to grab hold to your faith because he wouldn’t have it any other way!!

I wanted to share a couple of photos and a few words with you just to show how dedicated he is to serving God’s people. When bishop Jackson says he’s going to pray over your requests after the show, he really does. He even takes them home into his powerful prayer room and let’s them soak in the worship and praise that is sent up on your behalves. This is definitely good ground and a powerful Network to be a part of.

Interceding for healing, finances, breakthrough, etc.

Interceding for healing, finances, breakthrough, etc.

What are you waiting for? Do you need a healing? Are you tired of crying? Are you ready to live a life minus the lack? Well join the other millions of people and Tune in to Impact! We can be viewed via Internet at or via Television channels 268 Dish Satellite, & 400 Comcast.

As Apostle Bishop Wayne T. Jackson has encouraged us to do continue to pray Psalm 91 over your families, & as my Spiritual Father always say until next time remember ~Miracles Do Happen~ Bless you now!! ~Juanitawilltestify~

*Stay tuned for video & pictures of Bishop Wayne T. Jackson & Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson serving the Community for Thanksgiving, their love does not stop giving🙂 .


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